The Wrong Half-Prologue
I can't escape this hell
Warning: This fic is very dark and contains disturbing imagery exceeding that of canon, including but not limited to pedophiliac twincest. If you're looking for a happy, cheerful story, this is NOT the right place. In this story, things have gone very differently for certain characters and thus they will act very differently from canon.Collapse )

AU Personality
I can't escape this hell
Having been infected with U-DO for fourteen years, Rubedo is a very different man from canon. Because he has a perfect anti-U-DO wavelength, he and U-DO are more sensitive to each other than they should be and thus Rubedo was affected more than Albedo would have been. His natural lust for battle has been expanded on and twisted into a sadistic desire to spill blood whenever possible. Thus, he greets any opportunity to inflict pain with enthusiasm and even goes so far as to enjoy the act of causing pain itself.

Like other victims of U-DO's infection, his ego has swelled to the point where he thinks he's the ultimate being. As far as he's concerned, humans are beneath him and working toward killing themselves off anyway, so he doesn't see why it should matter if he kills a few or a few hundred out of boredom. Because of this lack of concern for humanity in general, he makes no effort to control his instincts as a weapon unless someone is actively useful to him, and even then his less insane brother may have to remind him due to his tendency to act on impulse when he gets annoyed.

There's only one person he even remotely respects, and that's his twin brother. While Albedo isn't infected by U-DO, they've spent the past fourteen years together, in near constant psychic contact. Rubedo generally hears his twin out more than most people, though his impatience still leads him to stop paying attention if Albedo isn't quick to get to the point. On the other end, there are two names that he doesn't want to hear without a threat or insult attached: Dmitri Yuriev and Nigredo. Yuriev for much the same reason as canon and Nigredo out of misplaced anger over their separation at Miltia and fear from knowing of Nigredo's role as the Executioner. He's managed to convince himself that Nigredo abandoned them and left him to die during the Conflict because he couldn't fulfill his purpose directly despite knowing on some level that it's not true.

Occasionally, some circumstances might cause his emotional state to become even more unstable than normal and parts of his unaltered personality start to peek through, causing a complete emotional breakdown as he begins to consider then rejects the possibility that something's wrong with him. These states rarely last long, though, as his insanity regains its hold on him and are usually only caused by stressful situations that draw attention to facts he's aware of but chooses to ignore in favor of his hate-tainted idea of the truth. Still, they show that the real Rubedo isn't completely dead yet and that maybe he can be saved if the taint of U-DO is removed.


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